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What is the guarantee of the purity of gold in your 22k gold products?

We will share every 22k gold product's HUID with you prior to dispatch. HUID (Hallmark unique ID) is a powerful concept introduced by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt of India in 2021 that makes each piece traceable and its purity assayed by a government authorised third party (BIS accredited Assay & Hallmark centers). The unique 6 digit HUID that is laser stamped on every piece, and can be independently verified on the govt sponsored, free BIS CARE app. You are also welcome to get your piece checked from a BIS hallmark center for double surety. Please learn more about HUID here.

The GST invoice which you will get, shall mention the correct HSN code and is the best "legally binding" "self certifcate" for purity and weight that one can issue.

How do you ship the Gold Products?

We have an annual service tie up with India's premier precious cargo courier service - BVC Logistics, Mumbai. Every shipment is insured upto Rs 50lacs and the risk till delivery is all ours. Shipping times within India are 1 to 3 days sometimes stretching to 5 days for off-hub locations.

Is there a way we can try the products before buying?

We do offer a try-before-you-buy service. It is currently available on a case-to-case basis in select cities. A 5% charge over and above the total value of the goods on approval will apply. Also a Rs 1000 token advance shall be payable (shall be adjusted into your final purchase value) to book the trial offer. Learn more about this service here.

What is your returns policy?

You have to intimate about your intent to return within 24 hours of receiving your order. In most cases, we will be able to arrange a pickup from your address. The amount shall be refunded as soon as the goods are received and checked. Read more here

What is your buyback policy for gold and silver products?

Our buyback policy for gold is liberal (expect a 18%-20% haircut given flat a gold price) and you can learn about it here. For silver products, the buy back will depend on case to case basis.

What is the quality of stones used in the silver jewellery?

All the pearls used for setting are genuine chinese freshwater cultured pearls. The pearls in hangings or stringing too. They retain their look for life unless mishandled. In same cases we may use swaroski crystal pearls.  For color stones, you have the option to get your jewelry made with real rubies, emeralds, pearls, turquoises, corals etc but that will obviously increase the prices significantly. The default option in the case of gold plated silver is synthetic stones. The synthetic stones we use are of good quality with good color and lustre. They do not fade over time or cause any skin irritations.

How long does it take to make something on order?

A product's lead time is typically determined by its size and intricacy. In general it shall take about  1-3 weeks to make a product. A custom design could take upto 4 weeks. 

How long does it take in transit?

As per the current scenario, it takes 2-7 days within India. For international shipping it will take  between 8-15 days. 

What is the shipping policy?

Shipping within india is free. International shipping will cost around $100 for a standard parcel that weights upto 500gms in gross weight and value is below $5000.

Do we customise ?

Yes, we are happy to entertain custom and personalised orders. Having a dedicated in house manufacturing system allows us customisation in not just design but setting stones’ color layout. Example, a 3 inch tall earring in pearl and turquoise combination with a bombay screw can be customised to a 2 inch size in pearl and red combination in a push-pull closure.

Please also be advised that we would prefer to make a customised design that we believe can be made multiple times. A one off customisation on a totally new design will be priced significantly higher than regular products because of the associated cost to manufacture a handmade piece for the first time.

How to take care of the Gold Plated Silver Jewellery?

 The biggest enemy of gold plated jewelry is human sweat. Human sweat is different for each individual and also varies from time to time for the same person. Certain chemicals in the sweat, if left on the jewelry's surface can tarnish or "black" the jewelry at the exposed parts.

The best way to avoid this blackening from happening is to take due care after every wear. Our jewellery is washable. After every wear to be sure that there is no sweat chemicals left on the surface, wash it in soap water, use a soft brush if required and then rinse with cold water. Regular - tap water is ok. Then place it on a towel and use a simple hair blow dryer to dry it thoroughly until the towel itself becomes dry and the jewelry is quite hot to touch. Then store each piece in separate ziplocks to isolate from atmosphere. 

Still if something untowards happens, not much is lost. The stone materials used in our silver jewelry are good enough to withstand repolish as many times. If you do happen to detect tarnish on your jewelry, let us know and we will get it repolished at a very reasonable price. 

 Colors of the products , are they accurate ?

We are meeting here at our online store. We make sure that images are as real as possible without any special effects. But colors slightly vary on various screens ( mobiles / laptops / desktops ). Most creations are handmade and so they might slightly differ from the image. Natural stones like rubies, emeralds, pearls and sapphires have color/shade difference too as rarely do two stones look alike perfectly.

Dimensions of the product , are they mentioned ?

We try to depict the size of a piece as clearly as possible and for most of the products, sizes will be mentioned in detail. Please refer to the size and description section on the product specific pages that get opened after you click on the product image. If you do not see size details or have any queries around the size, please reach out to us before confirming the order and we will help you with the exact size details at the earliest possible.

If you could not reach out to us 

In case your call goes unanswered please write to us at with your name and number and we will call you back. Sometimes it gets practically difficult to handle calls at peak hours. We hope to get bigger and have a dedicated helpline team real soon.

Wholesale availability 

Prices would be same for one and all.