Our Philosophy – Rudradhan

Our Philosophy

At Rudradhan, we manufacture such handmade stone setting jewellery in both gold and silver. Based in Amritsar, Punjab INDIA, we have been manufacturing such jewellery in gold with precious stones since decades with the best artisans and an unflinching commitment aimed at product quality, customer satisfaction and innovation.

The post COVID-19 world and all the economic challenges it presents has enabled us to also offer our jewellery in 92.5% silver base metal instead of only gold; with an array of options in stones (precious, semiprecious, synthetic).

This branching out has not only saved dozens of artisan families who have managed to retain regular livelihood, but also provides a unique opportunity for connoisseurs of such fine traditional Indian jadau jewellery to be made available at fraction of the price of the same in gold with precious stones.

We strongly believe that a jewellery lover must be presented the discretion of either buying such exquisite jewels in gold, or purchase a replica in gold plated silver and maybe perhaps purchase gold bullion with the balance to bring home luxury, style and financial investment all at the same time.


We do not subscribe to using cheap materials that are either harsh on the skin or stones that fade away with time on their own. The base metal is 92.5-93% silver. To achieve a lasting gold polish, an ultra thin adhesion layer of nickle is applied to ensure better bonding between the final ultra thin gold layer and the silver base. The amount of this nickle layer is kept minimal (less than 0.1%by weight) to prevent nickle driven adverse reactions (commonly seen with artificial jewelry where nickle content can be as high as 10%), to those who are allergic to nickle.

All pearls used,whether in setting, hangings or stringing beads are freshwater pearls. It is truly the use of 22k silver as the base metal and freshwater pearls (which are unharmed by the harsh electrochemical gold plating process unlike shell pearls which loose their skin in harsh acids) that allows us to achieve a 22k gold like color and texture on our products.

The default color stones used are ruby emerald look alike synthetic, but of excellent and lasting color and clarity. The hanging and stringing color stones are always real rubies and emeralds with varying levels of color and clarity.