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Rudradhan is a registered brand owned by Chouhan Jewellers. We manufacture such handmade stone studded jewellery in both gold and silver as the base metal. This online store is a medium to bring you our produce, where ever you may be. 

Based in Amritsar, Punjab INDIA, we have been manufacturing such jewellery in gold with precious stones since decades with the best artisans and an unflinching commitment aimed at product quality, customer satisfaction and innovation.

Manufacturing in sterling silver as the base metal was initiated in late 2020 to provide relief to the covid hit artisans and to tap the opportunity to market our products online for a wider reach. 

We believe that a jewellery enthusiast should have the discretion of either buying such exquisite jewels in precious gold, or purchase the same in a far more affordable form like gold plated silver and maybe perhaps purchase gold bullion with the balance to bring home luxury, style and financial investment all at the same time. We are committed to producing our jewelry, whether gold or silver based, with the same passion and commitment.