The prices mentioned on any gold product page are estimates because of gold price fluctuation, online charges etc. It makes sense to use the product pages for basic weight info and compute its price in real time.

Our 22k Gold products will come with complete bifurcation on the invoice of the material contents - The 22k net weight, the approximate weight of the studded stones and the weight of any beads in hanging or strings if applicable.

The most critical part to a gold jewelry's price computation is the gold rate itself. In common communication, almost everyone refers to the tax inclusive price of pure gold. However, since GST is applied at the end to any to any jewelry purchase subtotal, it is critical that the gold's rate does NOT itself include GST (else you are wrongfully paying the tax twice!). Learn how to get the live gold price here.

The final price is computed as below

 Kindly note that the studded stone weight mentioned is an approximation. Typically in our jewelry, the weight of studded stones is within 5-10% of the net weight. Its multiplication by the 22k gold rate in the above calculation, is a matter of separate discussion.

For International Customers

The 3% GST and the approx 7.5% import duty are NOT applicable. The gold rate applicable shall be roughly 10% under the prevalent gold rate in india. Contact us directly to learn more.