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Buying jewellery or for that matter anything online - can be daunting for many. Our goods are made and are shipped from Amritsar, Punjab and we don't expect anyone to physically come to Amritsar to try our products before buying.

Valid reasons as to why someone would like to get to see the product in their hand before they pay towards a purchase can be:

1. Online Fraud

The bump in online purchase activity has also seen high incidence of online fraud. On broad average, it is believed that fraud incidence in India is about three times the global average. Online fraud has many dimensions and is not limited to merely not supplying the paid-for-goods. It includes supplying products different from as advertised and or not of the same material quality or finish etc.

2. How the Jewellery Looks on You

Besides the danger of getting duped online, we understand that for many people, being able to wear a piece of jewellery on them for trial can be an important part of the purchasing decision making process. For example, a necklace would look different on different throats or maybe your ears piercing are too narrow or wide for a pair of jhumkas. 

3. Lights & Colors on Screen

Physical attributes of a product like colors on screen vs colors in various lighting, real life size, weight etc also contribute towards the decision making process.

Please note that our 24 hours return policy covers points number (2) and (3) above. 

4. Compare and contrast multiple designs physically before finalizing on one for purchase. 

The service is currently available on a case-to-case basis in select cities. To avail this service, a 5% charge over and above the total value of the goods on approval will apply. Also a Rs 1000 token advance shall be payable (shall be adjusted into your final purchase value) to lock the trial offer.

To learn more about this service or to determine your eligibility, contact us at +91 7814349708.