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The 22k Gold Rate before taxes today is approximately Rs 6380 per gram

[9 AM, 2-April-2024]
The 24k gold rate today is Rs 6380 plus 3%GST = Rs 7105 /gm 
Our Selling rate for 24k gold = Rs 7105 /gm
Our Buying Rate for 24k gold = 7105 minus 3% GST = 6980/gm
Note: This website does not update gold rate on real-time basis. The prices of gold products, are thus, at best estimates kept to the higher side for our proce protection and to cover for 3-5% third party fees. Please do no make a direct purchase of a gold product without contacting us. In case of a cancellation/refund request for a gold product through direct card payment, we shall reserve the rights to deduct the third party fees in the refund amount.