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How to Buy Gold Jewellery Online in India with safety. Is it safe to buy gold jewellery online in India? Safe way to buy gold jewellery online in india. Is it safe to buy gold online. Risk free online buying. buying jewellery online with full protection

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Our Try Before You Buy service is a free, no-hassle offer to try our products at your home for upto 24 hours from the point of receipt. To avail this offer, you must agree to the following terms.
1. Once your order is received, we shall message you requesting for a suitable time to connect on a phone call. The product(s) will be sent to you purely on the basis of your goodwill established after a brief telephonic conversation. The decision to approve your trial will solely be at our discretion. 
2. Once your case is approved by us, we shall create a customised order through our web-store with a unique order ID and all relevant details including any notes or instructions. If you had provided us with your email ID, you will get a copy of the details as well. Please note that an order having more than one product will be treated on "all-or-none" basis. It is expected of you that you will not to order multiple products to be able to select, say 1 out of 2 etc for final purchase.
3. Once your order is ready for dispatch, we shall share the product's photos/videos and the GST invoice on your given whatsapp number. Courier tracking code and the online link to track shall be provided as well. For gold products, information like weight and HUID will be provided through photos/videos. The goods will be sent through reputed precious cargo carriers like BVC logistics and you will be asked to provide them with a government approved ID with the same name as provided to us.
4. Once you receive the product(s), we expect you to confirm it through a call or a whatsapp message. You shall have upto 24hours from the time of receiving to communicate your intent to either purchase or return. Failure to do so will be seen as wilful default. We expect of you to not indulge in any sort of bargaining at this stage as that will result in order cancellation and the return procedure shall begin
4(I). If you choose to purchase the product, you have to inform us about your preferred payment mode (all online payment modes and bank deposits upto daily cash limits are accepted).You shall have the next 3 calendar days to complete the payment and inform us about the same. If you need small additional time, it must be communicated prior. You are expected to the pay the entire agreed amount and not withhold any payment.
4(II). If you choose to return the product (for whatever reason), we shall arrange for a courier pickup from your address at the earliest. The entire return process, including packing and return shipping fee is our responsibility. 
Wilful failure to either - complete payment within the stipulated time period or have the product returned - will be taken as an act of default and legal action as per Indian Penal Code shall be taken. You will be liable to bear all our legal fee plus accrued interest over and above the product's price.

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