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So you like something on our website and want to go ahead with a purchase. But you are skeptical and dont really know how to go about it. Do not worry, as it is perfectly normal behaviour particularly for first time online buyers. 

We'd like to share from our experience with selling jewellery online by breaking up the matter point by point so that it may help you make a better decision.

1. How can I trust you over an online platform or even over a call? How can one buy gold jewelry online, when it is so valuable? Whats my safety in it? How does one know it will be of purity declared? I can buy online from more visible brands like Tanishq but how can i even trust you are for real? Its one thing buying a Rs 1-10000 product, but buying one for lacs of rupees, no way!

A lot of questions all pointing to one heavy concept - Trust. And this trust deficit is not necessarily between you and us - but more so within yourself. To be very direct- no matter what we put up in text here or say on a call or show or how we act - we will not be of much use to you unless you figure a way to take yourselves out of the trust deficit darkness. We can only expect you to trust us, if you trust yourself in the first place. Trust boosts confidence and only a self-trusting person is self confident enough to "connect the dots" before making an informed decision with the given or requested information put forward.

Perhaps this trust deficit amongst so many of us has built up because of frequent bad experiences and "frauds" you've had to suffer online (which are acceptedly rampant worldwide). You need to ask yourselves - have you unconsciously lowered the standards bar for online purchases compared to offline shopping? Are you are beginning to deem your online purchasing experiences as "happy go lucky" type as in "badhiya aaya to great, nahi aaya toh maine kaunsa bahut gawa dena tha". If the answer to this questions is yes, then you do not trust yourself towards a big ticket online purchase and should consider letting it pass for now.

2. I answered "No" to that question above. How do you address my concern about not receiving my purchase as advertised? Lets start with purity of gold in the product. Will your products pass the 22k hallmarking?

We shall hallmark your product and send you its HUID report before dispatch. The 6 digit HUID can be verified on the BIS CARE app freely available for download. On this govt App, you will be able to verify independently the name & liecence no of the jewelry manufacturer, the date hallmarked, the purity result of the hallmark and the name of the govt authorized hallmarking agent. You can verify our name and BIS licence number as mentioned on the about us page.

HUID is a powerful concept launched by the govt of India in 2021 to protect gold jewelry consumers which now makes it impossible to escape fake hallmarking if basic investigation is carried out.  We encourage you to carry this practice in your offline purchases wherever you maybe to be safe from being duped in gold purity. Displaying pieces in a jewelry showroom without undergoing due HUID process, is a violation of law and claims of hallmarked jewelry without HUID means only one thing - fake hallmark!

3. What about your returns policy? And will you buyback your gold jewelry if we want to liquidate it later?

We understand that sometimes pictures and videos may lead to a wrong purchase choice as in size, weight and general look/feel and comfort of wear. We offer a 24 hours returns policy for all our products. We shall arrange for pickup from your address,  once the goods are received and checked at our end, the full refund will be processed.

For the buy back policy, please refer to our pricing-and-buying-page. Generally speaking, if the gold price stays same between the time of purchase and the time of buyback, your haircut will be limited to about 18-20% of your purchase price.

4. Can i get to try more than one piece before finalizing on the one I truly want to buy?

We offer a "try before you buy" service in select cities for an extra charge. Contact us directly to know what we can do for you