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Cancellation before Payment Capture

We will not automatically capture your authorised payment until we connect with you to get a direct confirmation.  It will be manually captured only after a confirmation that both you and us are on the same page with regards to time to delivery, any customisations required (eg bangle size). Typically a time window of 5-7 days to capture a payment, depending on your card has been observed. 

You are free to to cancel an order while it is waiting confirmation by instructing us for the same on email. No charges shall be deducted. 

Cancellation After Promised Delivery Date Passes

If you did not receive your order on or before the promised delivery date, you shall be entitled to a 10% cash back OR cancel the order and get the full refund OR cancel and take full refund over and above the 10% cash back.

Cancellation Before Promised Delivery Date

Once your payment has been captured and If you want to cancel your order before the mutually agreed promised delivery date, you shall only be entitled to get a refund of 75% of the order amount. 

Cancellation for Outside USA delivery

Once the payment is captured, an order cannot be cancelled.