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Challenges Redressal


Can we reverse a transaction in case I do not like what I buy? Say a necklace doesnt fit my neck, or an earring is much bigger than what I thought


We truly understand that buying jewelry is very different from buying gadgets or even garments.

The customer has the right to intimate a return within 24 hours of receipt. Once the returned goods are received AND are confirmed to be in the original new condition, the entire amount shall be refunded. A damaged or worn piece will be sent back to the customer.

So you can pay, receive your order and if you do not like it, the transaction can be reversed. Not valid on COD orders, however. We will accept returns even on customized jewelry.

For our own safetly, frivolous reasons for return will invite a blanket ban for future purchases.

Can I pay after checking it out in my hands and trying it? Is there a place near me where I can go and see some samples and then place an order online?

 We are an online retail shop and dispatch goods only after full payment.

But for select cases, in select cities, we have managed to make arrangements with some local persons to whom we can send your order without payment and you can physically go to their location, check out the product and pay if you like it.

A charge of 10% for silver and 5% for gold products shall apply and be forwarded to the same local contact for their services.

For example, prospective buyers in the Delhi NCR region can see a small range of our products at a designated place by appointment. More cities coming soon.

Please contact us to know more.

There is a lot of online fraud these days and so I want to pay through COD. But why do you charge 5% extra for that?

To be fair, COD is NO PROTECTION against online fraud one bit. Online fraud has multiple aspects and is not limited to the following:

  • Not receiving anything at all after payment. 
  • Receiving an empty box. Remember, you pay COD to get the closed box in your hand, you cannot open and then pay.
  • Receiving something, but of a different design or make on purpose from the seller (like an unsold or faulty piece)
  • Receiving a made to order jewelry piece which looked good on the screen, but was hastily & poorly made to save time and cost. An unethical seller can always get a really good piece made, get it photographed very nicely for the website, price it low to stimulate demand and delivery cheaply and hastily made orders of the same design.

We charge 5% extra because COD service we use charges between 2-5% o the value to us (to anyone actually). 

We do not subscribe to any fraudulence, but then, that is what every online seller can say. It is really upto the buyer to use the same physical approach to establishing basic trust like you would in a physical offline purchase (seek reference, have a conversation etc). 

How can someone buy something as expensive as gold jewelry online? Its so risky, no?

In our belief, the risk of online fraud becomes lower as the value of the purchase goes higher. Online sellers rely on reputation to stay in business. When the value of the sales goes up, so does the stake. For a consumer buying a 200k gold set online, the maximum on stake is 200k. But a seller risks his entire reputation, which is worth all the marketing spend and good will) when considering a wilful fraud. In case of gold jewelry, the seller's stake runs into 100s of multiples of the stake of the buyer.

You are far more likely to be frauded with mickey-mouse masks when ordering a dozen N95 masks than buying a gold set online because the stake of the mask seller is paltry compared to that of a gold jeweller.

Also, please note when it comes to buying gold jewelry, we insist on a telephonic conversation/interview just so we get to know about the customer (KYC) a bit. It is because our stakes are much higher, we reserve the right to make a sale.