We have a tie up in place with a Pennsylvania, USA based enterprise: Deccan Pearls & Jewelry. We jointly manage the website to serve to the North American market.

We have made available a large & frequently updated ready to ship stock with them and have made efforts to ensure that despite the import duties and other expenses incurred by us, the final price (including free shipping within the USA), is, though marginally higher but is still fairly comparable to the net price if purchased online from us in India.

The objective is to provide a local-like online shopping experience for the international shoppers; given the general hesitancy with international purchases, uncertain covid19 times, risky & erratic international shipping and ever rising third party charges like payments and currency conversions.

We welcome shoppers from across the world to try ready or customised jewellery through our associate platform without hesitation. Customers in North America shall be entitled to avail services like returns (subject to returns policy), repairs etc if required like a domestic purchase experience. 

For international shipping directly from India, the following are applicable

1. US$ 95 per package limited to a maximum total of $5000. Certain locations in the world may demand higher shipping which shall be communicated to the customer and any excess dues collected.

2. 7-10days shipping time. Please be informed that delays upto 15-20 days have been observed occasionally in the recent past due to Covid19 and general shipping chokes.

3. The customer shall be responsible to pay any applicable duties or sales tax in their respective country

4. Unless the customer can arrange payment from an Indian bank account to ours, any payment charges through facilities like Paypal, western union etc shall be completely borne by the customer. For example, Paypal charges to the seller are approximately 8.5% of the transaction value, 5.5% for western union.