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Buy At Your Home in Mumbai

You can now avail our "Try at Home" service, if you live anywhere in the greater Mumbai metropolitan area.
Gold plated silver jewelry can also be found at Pernia's popup studio on Juhu Tara road


You can select up to 5 products which you want to try at home with the total of product value being limited to 50,00,000/-. 

Yes you can. As in this example, you can share with us screenshots of 3 jhumkas and we shall send the 3 jhumkas to your home with a team of jewelry experts. You may choose to buy the one you like the most - or two or all three or none at all !

You can give us a call at +91 7814349708 or whatsapp us with screen shots of the products you are interested in trying at your home. You may get the screenshots from the website, the instagram page etc

Yes, you can schedule the trail at your office or any place that is convenient for you within the limits of Mumbai metropolitan area

Yes, you need to submit a copy of valid government address proof. The third party service provider is fully insured, but needs a valid address to initiate the visit.

There is No Obligation to buy any of the jewelry you request for trial at home. If you like anything you can buy it on spot

Try at home is free for total product value upto 2lacs. Rs 1000 per every lakh thereafter shall be payable as the trial fee. Example, if you select 4 products totalling Rs 5,30,000 - the trial fee shall be Rs 0 for the first 2lacs and Rs 1000 each for the remaining 3.3 lacs. The total fee, hence, shall be Rs 3300 payable after the trial.

Indian laws allow maximum daily cash limit to Rs 50,000 only. Anything over and above shall require online payment means like google pay, UPI, netbanking etc

An advance online token deposit of Rs 1000 will be applicable (non-refundable only in the case of "no-show" at your end). The amount will be adjusted with the purchase amount or refunded if not purchased. You will have to connect with us at 7814349708 to place your order and make the advance token deposit.

Every convenience comes with a fee. For gold products, a convenience fee (minimum of either Rs 7000 or 5% of the actual spot-purchase value) shall be payable. Example, if the purchase value is Rs 200,000/, the convenience fee payable shall be minimum of Rs 7,500 or Rs 10,000: which is Rs 7,500


For silver products, a convenience fee (minimum of either Rs 5000 or 20% of the actual spot purchase value) shall be payable over and above the order value for such a facility. Example, if the purchase value is Rs 50,000/, the convenience fee payable shall be minimum of Rs 5000 or Rs 10,000: which is Rs 5,000.

Suppose you request 3 gold items totalling Rs 312,000 and decide to spot purchase one product for Rs 150,000. The trial fees shall be Rs 1200 payable at the end of the trial. The extra charges for spot purchase will be minimum of Rs 7000 or 5% of 150,000 = Rs 7000. So the total payment due shall be 150,000+1200+7000=158,200. The advance of Rs 1000 shall be adjusted towards this due.

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